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If you’re looking for local honey in the Charlotte area, it doesn’t get any more local than this. Mack’s Very Local Honey is collected, ripened, and stored in Myer’s Park by pampered honeybees.

Start with a jar of Mack’s Very Local Honey, and you’ll never go back to grocery store honey again. You won’t believe the complexity of flavor, the richness of aroma, and the pure beauty of sweetness harvested right in your own neighborhood.

Other Honey Bee Products

In addition to raw honey, we sometimes also have pure beeswax available for those who want to make natural cosmetics, candles or crafts. Beeswax is also useful for lubricating squeaky drawers, wood screws and sewing thread and has a lovely aroma. At certain times of the year we also have colonies of bees for sale!

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The 2012 Honey Is Here!

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Custom bottles and labels can also be ordered.

We have several flavors of creamed honey available: cinnamon, orange, lemon, blueberry, and ginger.